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About the site

WatchOtaku is a not-for-profit site dedicated to the enjoyment of mechanical watches. If you want to know more about what makes a watch tick, then you've come to the right place. And if you want to design your own watch, you've definitely come to the right place.

Site Support

If you enjoy the information here, please consider supporting the site, via donation of watches for review or just plain funds. The Donation page has details. I do not run any ads or paid-for content and take pride in that all content is my creation. I also take care to attribute information and pictures so that you can judge for yourself.

I hope you like it.

You can read more about the site and how it came to be on the About page and if you'd like to contact me, please see the Contact page.

Twitter feed

I use Twitter quite a lot, independent of this site. Check it out and you might like it; it's also a very good way to communicate with me, either direct messages or by mentioning me (@WatchOtaku).

Blog Posts

New movement: Ronda R150

Courtesy of WatchPaper, Ronda announced a new mechanical movement, the Ronda R150. Good to have more alternatives to the ETA 2824Miyota 9015Seiko 6R15 and the like, but the Ronda is only for Swiss-made. Read the page for details.

How to wear a Nato strap

It's visual:

I need to try this, seemed worth sharing.

If you read this explanation, there's a nice tutorial on adding RSS feeds to Apple News. The WatchOtaku RSS feed is right here and you can also add it by clicking the link.

Yep, I've traded the GO, please see the Glashutte Original Sport Evo GMT post-mortem for details and lessons learned.

Its a beauty, and the price is excellent. Have a read.

One in:

That's my Oris Big Crown Diver.

Traded (yes, this was a bad deal) for the Armida A8, the Helson Shark Diver 40 grey and the OWC MS-5517.

Sometimes I'm an idiot, but I do love this design SO MUCH.

Yes Watches sale

Yes is running a sale with an unheard-of 50% off right now, head over to to cash in.


I've been consulting off-and-on with Yes for several years now, and have an Inca myself. I'm biased.

See my Yes Inca page for more information.

First off, I wrote a long review of  the Calvin Jr. Velocita watches that I hope you'll like. Interesting bullhead design.

Secondly, I've submitted WatchOtaku to the Apple News publisher site. Hopefully soon you'll be able to read it via the iOS9 'News' app!

New review posted

Just finished up a preview of the Tangramatic Alpha 39 'California'. Hope you like the review! It's a hell of a deal on an interesting design.

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